The Wonderful, Magnificent Google Earth!

On professional experience, I had the opportunity to begin a whole new Geography unit. As I had a Year 5 class, they were learning about the location of major countries in relation to Australia and the influence people have on the environmental characteristics of places.

Over a couple of lessons, we began exploring the continents and countries of the world, in particular Australia, Europe and North America. The exploration of these continents provided the perfect opportunity to use Google Earth to travel around the world from the comfort of the classroom.

Using Google Earth in my geography lessons I was able to create rich hand-on experience for students with a clear point of reference. Students used Google Earth to identify specific locations, including their own school. Students were able to gain visual understanding of their world simply by using a digital representation of the world around them.

While my time teaching Geography was short, using Google Earth is definitely an ICT application that I will carry over into my classroom!


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