Surviving and Thriving

On my final day of professional experience, I received a book I ordered online a few weeks before, titled Surviving and Thriving: The Essential Teacher’s Guide by Nadine King. I wish I had received this book a few weeks earlier because holy smokes it is amazing! The book talks about everything a beginning teacher needs to know and do in and out of the classroom. It is incredibly helpful and inspiring.

One of the chapters discusses classroom management and offers a variety of ways on how to manage the classroom. One of the sections of this chapter is titled “Marking the Role”. Now I don’t know about you but I didn’t really think much about marking the roll. I mean it’s pretty straight forward right? Well why not shake it up a little? As many of you know, marking the roll not only lets us know who is and isn’t at school for the day, but it also provides an opportunity to individually greet all students for the day. Have you ever considered marking the role using the Interactive Whiteboard?

Easiteach software is an ICT enhanced way to mark the roll. On the IWB, students names are displayed and upon entry to the room, it is their responsibility to press their names in which their photo will appear. You are also able to record students saying “good morning” which plays as they press their name. To further extend this activity, a suggestion could be to allow students to drag an emotion (emoticon) that they are feeling and place it next to their photo. This process allows you to assess and track students emotional wellbeing during the week/day.

Another interactive suggestion is to use the online tool Classdojo. At the beginning of the year, students select a monster styled avatar (don’t worry, they are not scary in any way!). The roll is displayed on the board along with students chosen avatars which at the beginning of the day are all red in colour, that is until students come in, tap their monster which then turns green, symbolising that they are present on the day. This software is not limited to simply marking the roll but also is available to be used as a rewards system for managing behaviour.

Who would have though ICTs could be integrated into the classroom simply to mark the roll!

It should be noted here that these ideas are all part of the book stated at the beginning of this post.

I highly recommend purchasing this book. It is absolutely wonderful!


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