PowerPoint Presentations

I will admit I absolutely LOVE Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation! The last two professional experiences I have been on; I have religiously used PowerPoint. For me personally I would say that PowerPoint transforms my teaching in that it helps me to remember what it is I am teaching and what concepts I need to be teaching, so that I do not forget anything important.

The use of PowerPoint also enhances students learning by amplifying their comprehension of the concepts being taught by using engaging and interactive presentations to present to students what they are learning about during lessons.

PowerPoint is also useful in that it caters for visual learners, and can further engage students in learning through the use of imagery, sounds and animations which in turn enhances student’s abilities to retain what they are being taught during lessons.

These are just some of the benefits that I have encountered when using PowerPoint. If you haven’t used PowerPoint Presentation for teaching purposes, I highly recommend you do!


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