QR Codes

As most of you know, the professional experience we have just engaged in required us to integrate ICT into our lessons that can be used to amplify and/or transform students learning. Well, I thought I would take the time to talk about one of the ICTs that I used in a mathematics lesson to amplify students learning.

For the last few lessons the class had been learning about different types of angles and how to use a protractor to measure angles. In order for students to practice their new knowledge of measuring angles I provided them with a variety of cards. On these cards was an image of an angle in which they were to use their protractors to measure. There was no answer provided on the cards but instead a Quick Response (QR) Code next to the image of the angle. Students were required to firstly measure the angle before using a device with a QR code scanner application to find out if the measurement they measured was the correct answer shown on the device from scanning the code on the card. This activity allowed students to continuing developing and understanding the concepts and processes of measuring angles, but also enabled students to use ICT as a source of information and confirmation on the result they came up with. There was not one students not completing the task! It was fabulous!

Up until this activity I hadn’t had a lot of interaction with QR Codes, but golly I wish I had activities like this when I was at school.


Click here to access the resource I used for this activity.


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