Digital Citizenship Cont.

Today, children are being born into a world that is increasingly ICT situated. With the continuous increase of ICT, it is important to ensure that children are being taught to use digital technologies safely, responsibly and ethically in and outside of the classroom. While I am yet to witness the teaching of using digital technologies safely, responsibly and ethically while out of professional experience, I do have personal experience in learning these concepts during my schooling years. I have been a part of classrooms that have signs  and posters plastered over the walls near computers and ICT equipment stating the “Do’s and Don’t’s” of using technology. There was always explicit teaching and guidance from teachers demonstrating and modelling correct behaviour and strategies in how to browse and use information of the web safely, responsibly and ethically. This presentation is a wonderful resource that walks through the steps of some of the issues and strategies that are available to support the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and Teaching.

A quick search on the web brought up the existing policies and processes relating to the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT within my professional experience site. Interestingly enough, these policies are updated yearly to accommodate to the growing change and need of use of digital technologies. This school uses ICT to assist in students learning by providing a minimum of 2 networked computers in every classroom, connection to the internet as well as the EQ Network. In addition, the school itself has 2 computer labs with 25 computers. Each class is timetabled a minimum of 1 hour per week in a computer lab to allow teachers to deliver explicit ICT lessons as part of the curriculum programs. Every classroom consists of an Interactive Whiteboard that allows the presentation and execution of resources that support the National Curriculum. It is evident that ICTs are strongly used in this school to teach the curriculum as well as for students to engage in content.

I have come to realise that the importance of using digital technologies is an important aspect for this school as a way of teaching the curriculum. Because of this, I have had to adjust my planning to suit the ICT needs of the context.

This experience has been both interesting and challenging during prac. As not only was I having to teach using ICTs but I had to also consider the needs of the students and their abilities to use the ICTs safely, responsibly and ethically. With this in mind however, there were times where the students where teaching these concepts to me!


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