Ahhhh. My last post for Module 2. I have to admit I am glad that it’s over. Having a 2-week “break” threw me off a little and I struggled to keep up with the blog posts for this module. While I still have a bit of work to do on the second assignment, I have found the learning paths to be incredibly helpful in guiding me through each section of the assignment. If you haven’t looked through the learning paths, do it now!

There are quite a few concepts covered throughout the module, most of which I have heard of before but have been given the opportunity to develop my knowledge further and put learned skills to practice. I have continued developing my PCK in History as well as ICT. I have learned about selecting content descriptors from the curriculum that are designed to construct and transform students’ learning. I have discovered an endless amount of resources that can be implemented to develop learning experiences with and without ICTs. Lastly, I have applied my previously gained knowledge of The RAT Model and TPACK to my own unit of work in order to ensure that students’ learning are amplified and transformed.

It dawned on me today that there are only four more weeks of this course left, and that is both terrifying and exciting, not because it’s over but because I get to move on to the next chapter of my learning journey.

I leave you today with some supposedly calming activities. One a clip about reverse therapy which shows a tomato being cut in reverse. I read an article a few weeks that implied that videos like these are oddly calming. If you find this calming there is also a clip about popping bubble wrap. The second activity is rather odd… and if I’m completely honest quite distracting. I’ll let you discover this one for yourself.

Good luck in completing the second assignment!




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