Dear Technology

Last night, something terrible happened. Something that left me feeling stressed and angry. The unimaginable. And what do you think caused this chaos? I lost internet access. That’s right. It just stopped working for what felt like hours (when in fact it probably only went down for about an hour).

I tried everything in my power to fix the problem from restarting the computer, searching for answers on my phone and even looking at server outages in the area. But there appeared to be nothing wrong! Turns out, the home modem is about 10 years old and decided to have a seniors’ moment!

This event got me thinking about how reliant I am on technology, particularly for uni. Isn’t it ironic that we use sooo much ICT for uni and when the connection we need to complete uni tasks is lost what do we do? What about submitting assignments. What about having to watch lectures online before attending a workshop. What happens when the internet crashes?! Granted I am sure the majority of lecturers and tutors are very understanding, but it’s more the fact that it puts us out. If I couldn’t watch the lecture I needed to last night, that would mean I would have to sacrifice my time somewhere else later down the track… possible a few hours on Saturday for example. And who wants to spend their Saturday catching up on uni work throughout the week. All because I lost connect.

Funnily enough at work today, we lost connection to the EFTPOS terminals. And boy oh boy did we have some annoyed customers. It was only for a brief amount of time but golly, you would have thought the world was ending. All because technology decided to take a ten-minute break. Don’t get me started about when the registers break down! I HAVE TO THINK FOR MYSELF! Now I consider myself pretty proficient in mathematics, but when you have a customer standing in front of you, watching your every move, you become a nervous wreck and forget everything you know about addition and subtraction! All technology stopped working!

What happens when technology fails us during a fantastically engaging lesson?! This article sheds some light on ways to possibly move past this.

What I have taken away from the experiences I have been involved in over the last two days is that there is no one solution to any of the questions above. You just have to make do with what you have. Try and figure it out by all means but there is only so much you may be capable of doing. And that’s okay. Sometimes you just have to make do, because there is nothing you can do!

In the last couple of days, I have realised the amount of power that technology has. Because when technology fails, in some way, control is lost and that is kind of scary and a little intimidating. But then again, I don’t need to tell you how absolutely wonderfully magnificent technology can be. After all, without it, we are lost.

Stay calm!


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