Finding Ideas

It is amazing the amount of resources that are accessible via the internet. I am currently working on the learning experiences for Assignment 2 and decided to venture to the internet for some inspiration. Let me tell you something, the possibilities are endless. Following the guide provided in the Week 7 Learning Path, I began by looking for websites that provided lesson and unit plans for Year 5 History in hopes of finding some inspiration for creating my own personal learning experiences for Assignment 2.

I then ventured onto Teachers Pay Teachers. If you have not experienced what this site has to offer, you are missing out! Teachers Pay Teachers is a website that consists of a community of educators from all around the world who share their educational resources with others and is used as marketplace for teachers to share, buy and sell resources. I have used this site many times while out on prac and absolutely love the resources on offer! I have spent a few hours looking at Australian History resources and have gained an abundance of ideas that I could use in constructing learning experiences for the assignment.

I also had a search around on Scootle, which I am sure many of you are familiar with, if not, you should be. Especially if you are working with The Australian Curriculum. Without going into too much detail, Scootle provides a variety of online resources that align directly with The Australian Curriculum. Super handy!

While searching through Scootle, I came across a resource that referred to an application from the Itunes App Store. Now while there are endless amounts of educational apps out there, I started to thinking specifically about applications that I could use for the subject of Australian History and low and behold I have found so many resources I’ve lost count! I think the best part about Apps is that there are quite a few (if you look hard enough) that can actually be implemented into the classroom to amplify and even transform students learning. I guess my main point here is to definitely consider applications from the Itunes store for Assignment 2 if you can!

I feel currently feel both inspired and overwhelmed in my discoveries! But in a way, I feel less confused and frustrated now than what I did about a week ago, which is a bonus.

My advice is to embrace the inspiration and let the creative juices flow!

Good Luck!


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