Developing My PCK

For the unit plan assessment task, I have decided to focus on Year 5 History as the learning area focus. History is a subject that I have not had to do a lot of teaching in, mainly because the schools that I have been to either have a teacher who comes to the classroom to specifically teach history or the students go to a history classroom for approximately half an hour or a full session depending on the year level.

My decision to base the learning area on history for this assignment is simple. I do not have a great deal of knowledge about how to teach history and so I would consider the subject a personal weakness. And what better opportunity to work on my weakness then using the learning area for this assignment. I do have some basic knowledge in some areas of history, such as the Year 5 History I have chosen for the assignment, however, my knowledge of Australian history could most definitely be improved and as such I am taking this opportunity to develop my Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in history. For those who are a little unsure as to what PCK is, head on over to Elizabeths blog. Here you will find a clear definition of what PCK is.

I have searched high and low for ways I could begin to develop my PCK in history and have come across several useful websites. First, an article about what PCK looks like in history classrooms which highlight how teachers can and should be representing, transforming, and framing history to students to enhance their learning experiences.

Another resource I have come across is AC History Units which presents several units that have been constructed by the History Teacher’s Association of Australia to support teachers in using the Australian Curriculum: History to design effective history lessons.

The next resource that I have come across is Teaching Teachers for the Future. This site focuses on teaching historical content and suggests pedagogical strategies. The site encourages the use of ICT throughout history lessons to encourage students to become active learners of history.

My Place for Teachers is a website that provides information materials to support teachers in teaching history in the classroom. The site uses the My Place TV series to explore significant events and people apart of Australian history.

These are just a few websites that I have been able to access to further develop my PCK in History. While I am able to access other resources such as text books to develop my historical knowledge, my next step will be to develop my PCK even more by exploring pedagogical strategies to enhance students’ learning in History.


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