O.M.G. I.C.T.

Today I made some sort of an attempt at beginning assignment 2 for EDC3100, creating a unit plan in which ICT has been implanted to enhance and transform students learning. The hardest part of this assignment is ensuring that students’ learning is enhanced and transformed through their engagement with ICT. My concern here is that I know I have to create a lesson that is to enhance and transform students’ learning, but HOW do I do this. I have read soooo many different text types that have told me that I have to use ICT to enhance and transform students’ learning, but very few provide suggestions with HOW to do it. I have engaged with materials that tell me that students use a particular ICT device, but the reason WHY ICT is being used isn’t explained.

Am I missing something? Is it all right in front of me and I just can’t see it?

I decided to take a look around on the net in hopes of discovering some inspiration, something that may guide me in creating the unit. I thought of searching for some resources related to the curriculum and ICT, as well as general ICT based resources that students may be particularly fond of and can be used in the unit of work. And though I have come across some resources such as ICT Resources for Graduate Teachers (which has a fantastic section about cyberbullying) and Fuse Education, many sites are for graduate teachers and so require an education based login and password to gain access to materials and so as students, we are limited to what these sites have to offer. I guess, my next point of call will be to search and investigate some teachers’ blogs in hopes of further inspiration.

Wish me luck…


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