How can ICT and Pedagogy be Used?

This week’s learning path focus question asked: “How can ICT and Pedagogy be used?”

Originally when this question was proposed I thought it was really simple to answer. I mean, it’s not hard to Google search some ICT based resources and whack them into a lesson, right? After completing the learning path for the week, I have come to realize that the process of how ICT and Pedagogy are used in education, is a lot more complicated than I originally thought.

My change in thinking came as a result of being introduced to the RAT Model (Hughes, Thomas & Scharber, 2006). The RAT (an acronym for Replacement, Amplification, Transformation) Model allows teachers to reflect on their use of ICT and Pedagogy. By looking deeper into the concept of this model, I was able (and continue) to gain more understanding regarding how to use ICT and Pedagogy in the classroom.

Using technology as a replacement for an instructional practice should be avoided! That is, simply implementing ICT in a lesson to which there is no change in students learning processes or goals, and instructional practice, is of little value and can be more time consuming than needed. In all honesty, this would probably have been the approach I would have (unknowingly) taken when using ICT and Pedagogy. I now understand that there is little benefit for both teacher and student in replacement.

Technology should be used to amplify and transform learning. Learning tasks that are amplified by technology extends capabilities in effectiveness (Hughes et al, 2006). By using technology as a means of amplification, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity (Hughes et al, 2006) are all increased during the learning process. Transformation regarding ICT and Pedagogy means that technology reinvents aspects of instruction, learning or curriculum in a new way (Hughes et al, 2006). This is what ICT and Pedagogy should be! This is how to use ICT and Pedagogy!

As stated above, ICT shouldn’t be used to replace teaching but instead, be used as a means of amplifying and transforming not only learning but teaching as well.

I feel like I have gained a lot out of this week’s learning path and that I have a more open mind when it comes to using technology in the classroom. It isn’t so much how can ICT and Pedagogy be used; it is HOW YOU USE ICT AND PEDAGOGY.



Hughes, J., Thomas, R., & Scharber, C. (2006). Assessing Technology Integration: The RAT – Replacement, Amplification, and Transformation – Framework. In C. Crawford, R. Carlsen, K. McFerrin, J. Price, R. Weber, & D. A. Willis (Eds.), Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2006 (pp. 1616–1620). Orlando, Florida: AACE. Retrieved from


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