Are Digital Technologies Making Us Anti-Social?

This weeks’ learning path started with a single questioned quiz. That question being: are digital technologies making us anti-social? My answer was false. I was really surprised when reading different blogs that most people believe that technology is making us anti-social. One example I came across is Ashley who takes a slightly different view to technology and socialism then the way I do.

If anything, aren’t we becoming more social? Digital technologies allow us to communicate in ways we have never been able to before. From Skype to Facebook, there are endless ways to communicate to be social whenever and wherever you are at any given time. Digital technologies allow us to connect to several different people at the same time. They allow us to make contact with a loved one on the other side of the world. They even allow us to express things we might not want to say in person.

When I think about the influence digital technology has on the social behaviour of today’s digital generation, I feel that they are far from being anti-social. Many children today are growing up around digital technologies and recognise them as a means of communicating with one another. That is how they have been shown to communicate. This clip states how social networking sites can have educational benefits. Though it is a few years old I think that this clip is still relevant in its’ context, probably more so now than ever before.

So, should we be concerned that digital technologies are making us anti-social? No, I don’t believe there is a cause for concern here.

We are still social but in different ways. Just as we are all learning; in different ways.


5 thoughts on “Are Digital Technologies Making Us Anti-Social?

  1. Absolutely agree with you, I too feel there are times where smartphones can be limited eg. dinner table, family time but I love that I am able to communicate with family overseas more freely now than we ever have before on my phone, using facetime, messenger video I can see and talk to them whereas in the past it had to be short and sweet or it would be costly. Great clip too will be reblogging.
    Thanks Claudz75


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