Learn the Learner as the Learner Learns

This week’s Learning Path looked at the question:

Why (not) use ICT and Pedagogy?

The previous post acknowledges some of the pros and cons of technology use in a classroom context. All though the pros outweighed the cons, I think the most important aspect to take from this weeks learning path, is that the reasons to use ICT and Pedagogy (though great) shouldn’t overpower the reasons not to. It is not one or the other, but rather a combination of both. Which brings me to the topic of blended learning.

Blended learning, as stated in the previous learning path, is learning that combines the traditional face-to-face classroom experience with new innovative learning technologies. Blended learning puts students in the driving seats of their own learning and supports them in an environment that is personalised to their own unique learning needs. The Australian Curriculum requires students to learn both with and without ICT. We as teachers need to implement this into students learning. Children are learning to learn through technology. We need to accommodate to this. Students’ today do not learn the way they did 10 years ago. ICT is part of our students’ future. A future that we are preparing them for.

The clip, Blending technology learning and classroom learning provides further insight into blended learning in the classroom. A point that is made in this video is that as students interact with learning technologies and resources, the ICT used is continuously constructing data about what each student can or can’t do. Therefore, these technologies are learning the learner as they learn. This clip is well worth the watch.

To finish, I will leave you with this quote:

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn (Margaret Mead)



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