The Best Lesson EVER!

We all have different teaching and learning experiences when it comes to the lessons we have performed out on professional experience.

If I were to define what ‘best’ means in terms of designing and performing lesson plans I would say that those lessons are the ones that are hands-on and minds-on, engaging, interactive and supportive! With that in mind, the best learning experience that I have ever designed … (so far) would have to be a mathematics lesson for years 2 and 3. The last few lessons were all about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. They had looked at terms and definitions they would use and how 2D and 3D shapes were different or the same. This particular lesson, we were making skeletal 3D shapes! To do this, students required a whole lot of straws and pipe cleaners (cut into what felt like a million pieces!). Together we made the first shape (a cube), then they built the next shape (a rectangular prism) with a partner and finally they made a triangular prism all on their own. And they loved it. The whole lesson they were active and engaged. All participated and all enjoyed what they were doing. It was the best feeling ever! What was even better than that, was the next lesson, the students were able to reflect on what they had previously learned from making the models.

Though this particular lesson didn’t include the involvement of ICT it could definitely be implemented. When it comes time to create lessons involving and/or surrounding technologies, I will ensure that they are interactive, hands-on and minds-on experiences that involve students in an attempt to develop their understandings surrounding ICT.


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