Attempting Conceptual Modelling

One of the tasks in the week 1 learning path was to make an attempt at conceptual modelling. Below is my attempt at the task.

My link isn’t a link

I posted my introduction to the Introduction forum and included a link to my blog and a cartoon. But I can’t click on them all. Why?

The different ICTs involved:

Components of the different ICTs:

Actions you and the ICT are/should be doing:

The relationship between the above factors:

ICT Components Actions
Introduction Forum on Study Desk URL address of the blog posted in the forum

URL address of the cartoon

Paste URL of blog into forum

Paste URL of cartoon into forum

Link blog and cartoon URL in forum to blog and cartoon site

Blog Blog has a URL – address of blog post Hyperlink blog URL in the forum back to the original blog page
Cartoon Cartoon has a URL – address of image Hyperlink cartoon URL in the forum to the original Cartoon site

What I believe to be the issue is that the URLs to both cartoon and blog have not been hyper-linked when copying and pasting the URLs into the message screen before officially posting to the forum. Created on is the first Conceptual Model demonstrating that the URLs do not link. 

When posting URLs into the forum message section prior to submitting the post, copying and pasting a URL, be sure to find the Hyper-link link option at the top of the screen. This button is the hyper-link link! Once you have copied and pasted the link to the blog into the forum post, re-highlight that link and hit this button. Re-paste the blog’s URL into the box provided and hit save. Repeat the process for the cartoon URL. And there you have it! Below is the second Conceptual Model, which is an attempt of fixing the first model.

Overall, I found this process to be quite difficult, confusing and time consuming. However, what I really liked was using the Gliffy resource to construct the model. This is a resource I will definitely put in the tool kit!


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