Reflecting on the ICT Quiz

Earlier in the week, I committed myself to taking the ICT Quiz on study desk. The test displayed an image of an object, one for each of the 10 questions, and asked to identify whether or not the objects were considered an ICT or not. I completed the quiz in about 2 minutes, and felt really confident. But when I got the results back, I was more surprised. How could I have gotten 5/10?! Here’s why:

Question 1: WRONG

My initial thought: “What do you mean false? Surely light bulbs aren’t considered an ICT, you have to manually switch them on to get the light on. Though they are a form of technology, are they considered an ICT?” And then I read the comment below, explaining why my answer was incorrect. These particular objects are WeMo Smart LED Bulbs. However, I have never heard of the WeMo Smart Bulb! Had I looked at the image a little bit harder, and focused more on the brand on the product, maybe I would have considered the objects to be something more than my conception of a light bulb.

Question 3: WRONG

Ah the Overhead Projector. This one, I really have no excuse for misidentifying other than the fact that I had trouble deciphering what the image was (despite being in several classrooms that used them religiously!)

Question 6: WRONG

This one was a pure guess… I have never seen a laminator like this before! The laminator I have at home is a little more compact than this one!

Question 9: WRONG

This is a rain gauge?! Aren’t they the little plastic things you hang on the fence and wait for it to rain so you can go and read how many inches of water the garden received?! This is another one of those images that maybe had I focused more on the object, I might have picked up on the wording on the products box and questioned it a bit more. But the explanation makes it so much more clear! A digital rain gauge that will establish a wireless connect to a weather station and allows users to check all sorts of rain related statistics via smartphones. Well, I guess that provides a little more insight than the gauge sitting on my back fence…

Question 10: WRONG

Well, I’m a little embarrassed about this one. I looked at the image and thought “Oh it’s a TV. They are definitely a digital technology!” Nope. Had I studied the image a little harder, I would have noticed the analog controls. Oops!


I guess the most common mistake I had made with making judgements about the objects is that I didn’t pay enough attention to the image on screen and that I was clouded by my conceptions of the objects (particularly the rain gauge and the analog television). However, looking back at the graph constructed of last year’s quiz takers, I don’t think the results I achieved were any better or any worse.

This quiz really opened my eyes to the fact that I may not know about ICT as much as I think I do. It would be interesting to see in a few weeks’ time, to retake the quiz, or one similar with different objects, if I would be able to identify more of the objects correctly.

After completing the ‘Getting Started’ section as well as the Week 1 Learning Path, I do feel more confident in defining what ICTs are, though I know there is so much more to learn.


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