What Do I Care?

Question mark

As I worked through the “Getting Started” books as an introductory for EDC3100, I noted there were several questions asked throughout the books posted. This blog will be my first attempt at answering these questions.

A quick flash back to one particular day in my Year 2 classroom, where my mother raised concern to my teacher regarding the way I was incorrectly holding my pencil. Her response to my mother’s query was “Don’t worry about it too much, in a few years, everything will be computerised anyway”. That was 15 years ago, and to this day, I still hold my pen incorrectly. Though my teacher was not entirely correct in suggesting that in a few more years’ computers would take over and we would no longer be required to physically write, technology in general was definitely making its way into the educational system and was evident in the introduction of computer labs, smartboards, one laptop per child and now even IPads and smartphone devices. Today children are being born into a world that is becoming more and more technology advanced, and because of this, they are learning differently and in different ways, meaning that educators of today and the future need to be able to not only use ICT and integrate technology into pedagogical practices but they must understand how students learn ICT and thus the benefits of ICT.

It is because of these reasons that I do care for this course. As stated previously, the world we live in is becoming more technologically advanced and, as a future educator, I personally need to develop the skills in not only integrating ICT into my pedagogically practices but in understanding the ways children learn with ICT.

From this course I expect to learn how to create learning experiences for students of all types that focuses on creating environments heightened by ICT.

To end this blog I have included a link to a cleverly made video clip called ‘Technology in Education’ that highlights some of the challenges educators face regarding ICT.





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